Who Is Tanveer Nandla


The True Story Of Pakistan’s No. 1 Blogger Tanveer Nandla Has Come Out

Pakistani blogger Tanveer Nandla who is trying to save his brother by resorting to lies.  Who has shot his wife and now a poor labourer.

Do you want to know about Tanveer Nandla?  Tanveer Nandla who has raised the voice of cruelty against him on social media and demanded justice.  But the actual reality is something else.  People on social media are supporting him only after hearing this.  No one really knows what happened. Stay tuned to know more!

Tanveer Nandla Also Turns Out To Be The No. 1 Blogger In Lying

Nandla, a well-known personality of Pakistan, who is demanding justice.  But the real fact is that his brother belongs to the Occupy group.  Tanveer Nandla wants to save his brother by taking advantage of his freelancing, who has shot a poor labourer while occupying the land on Muharram 2023.  He has put an end to the cruelty in Muharram itself.

Today, the news that is circulating on social media is that a blogger who calls himself the biggest blogger of Pakistan.  He is shouting in front of all unknown people that a great injustice has happened to my brother.  But people on social media are supporting Tanveer Nandla without knowing the truth.

Tanveer Nandla alias Tani’s brother has shot a poor labourer by trespassing into the inherited property of others.  Which is still present in ward number 24 of Nishtar Hospital.

The family of Tanveer Nandla alias Tani takes the law in their hands and makes every decision themselves.  Because his brother belongs to the occupation group.  And they survive by calling themselves teachers of freelancing even after committing atrocities. Those who have found out the real truth have called #Shameonyoutanveernandla and made him zero from a hero. #Justice For Tanveer Nandla

Tanveer Nandla said that his brother is present in Nishtar.  This is completely wrong.  Even after committing atrocities, the head is still spinning and has come back to the occasion to do evil again.  On the other hand, the condition of the poor worker who was shot is not good.

Tanveer Nandla’s Own Law

Tanveer Nandla aka Tani has not allowed the case to be filed by paying a huge bribe to the police. He is defaming the MPA and the police to save his brother by making noise on social media. Because the unknown people outside do not know the real truth.  Tanveer knows that his brother has shot Ghareeb .Now he is crying and trying to save his brother.

Tanveer Nandla forgot Islam and God and started demanding justice from his followers

Tanveer Nandla is requested to speak the truth. Because Allah also has to show his face. And one has to answer in the grave.Everyone has to be alone in the grave.  People of the world do not redeem.  You can fool others by making noise as much as you can.  When you make noise in the grave, no one will come to help you.  Pakistani people are requested to first know the truth and then support the truth.

Tanveer Nandla Is The Enemy Of The Poor

Pakistani blogger Tanveer Nandla became the truth by making a noise in front of everyone but did not even think about the poor man who was shot by his crazy, rude and ignorant brother.  He is still lying on his deathbed in Ward No. 24 in Nishtar Hospital.  There is no such thing as humanity left.  In every difficult time, people should only hope for good from God and not from the people of this world, all are spectators watching the spectacle of others.

The End Of Cruelty In Muharram By Tanveer Nandla (Tani)

Last Muharram and this Muharram have been one year.  In the previous Muharram also, he created a riot and in this Muharram also, Tanveer Nandla alias Tani has proved that he is a Yazid.  Come to the community and prove yourself truthful in front of the community then they will believe how truthful you are.

A Wise Journalist Listens To Both Parties First

We request the media people to find the truth first.  Then publish the news.  Then do the interview.  Don’t spread the news by listening to a party.  A wise journalist first listens to both parties and then conducts an interview.  If there was Pakistani media in the field of Karbala, it would have definitely stood with Yazid.  For more information search “Journey to Truth”

Truth Real Truth

  • We have a question from social media that doctors are not supporting those who discharged your brother after one day.?  On the other hand, the poor labourer is still present in ward number 24 in Nishtar Hospital, whoever wants to know the truth can go to Nishtar.
  • Is the police of Pakistan not supporting you who handcuffed the patient who is already helplessly crying for your brother’s life?
  • Aren’t you defaming an MPA on the words of his political rival?  Because you have taken heavy compensation from the rival of MPA.  Tanveer Nandla is killing two with one arrow.
  • Tell Allah the truth that your brother did not shoot. Drown. Do not act so much in Muharram that you will be made to stand with Yazid on the Day of Judgment.

Blogger of shameless lies!


  1. The truth is that the brother whom you are portraying as oppressed has shot an innocent labourer and the other shot was done by your brother-in-law.
  • If you are true then show proof of the MPA message received by your sisters?
  • Show land inheritance papers?
  • The other party is ready to show the papers, you also show the papers?


Q1: Who is Tanveer Nandla?

A1: Pakistan’s number 1 blogger who is trying to save his brother by hiding the truth and resorting to lies

Q2: Who owns the land that has been fought over?

A2:  The land belongs to Tanveer Nandla’s brother-in-law.  Two brothers have their own inherited land and they have a mutual affair.  Tanveer Nandla alias Tani’s brother intentionally goes to take his sister’s share and creates mischief.

It should be remembered that Tanveer Nandla’s brother along with 200 goons ransacked his hotel and stole the goods in the last Muharram.  No one has taken account till today.His opposition party has always knocked the door of justice.  No video ever went viral.

A high-level JIT (JOINT INVESTIGATIONS TEAM) of the police was formed, in which the brother of Tanveer Nandla appears as a criminal even today.  Because it belongs to the occupation group.

Q3:  Who is the brother of Tanveer Nandla alias Tani?

A3: Tanveer Nandla’s brother belongs to the Occupy group .And is also a mental patient.  Who has previously shot his wife, who is a child.  Sometimes the head of the wife bursts.  Sometimes he drags his wife and beats her on the street in front of people.  So sometimes he throws his wife out of the house.  Even his children are worried about his fear.

Q4: Who is the father of Tanveer Nandla?

A4:  Tanveer Nandla alias Tani’s father who is busy in his separate life.  He never gave good training to his children, who do what he wants to do.  Which is already eating the share of his 2 younger brothers.  His mother cursed him and died.  Because they killed the two Kamale brothers by injection due to lack of appetite.

Q5: Who is Tanveer Nandla’s sister?

A5:  First, Tanveer Nandla’s sister was forcibly married to the opposition party.  And she wants to occupy the land by telling her brothers.  They have troubled the lives of others.The people of the area are fed up with the daily firing.Tanveer Nandla’s sister is an expert in proving herself true by calling everyone bad.

Q6: Who is Tanveer Nandla’s mother?

A6:  Tanveer Nandla alias Tani’s mother and aunt, who are fake Peers, make a court inside the rooms and make fools of people and tell them to prostrate here and you will be forgiven. Tanveer Nandla’s father does not eat from home for that reason.  His wife will kill him by drinking something.

Q7: How many siblings does Tanveer Nandla have?

A7:  Tanveer Nandla himself has 3 brothers and two sisters.  When Tanveer Nandla’s sisters fight, they pick up pots and beat their sisters-in-law.  Tanveer Nandla says don’t worry, I will save my sisters.  Both sisters-in-law’s father is not in this world, they are silently suffering their oppression.


Hope you know the truth.  Pakistan’s number 1 blogger  Tanveer Nandla is trying to save his brother by taking advantage of his freelancing.  He knows that his brother has been killed.  And the patient has been handcuffed by defaming the police and MPA by making noise on all social media.  Where is the law that he should be shot and handcuffed?  No media people went to sympathise.  Everyone is sleeping. When a person dies, all the media are there.  Social media people are supporting Tanveer  Nandla because they don’t know the real truth!


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